A Quiet Longing / The Skirt / This is Only a Story About a Woman on a bus / The Stop / The Breakfast She Had, in ‘Ellipsis 2’.

A bank manager arrives at work one day to find himself the new employer of his ex-wife.

In the middle of a shift a divorced bus driver abandons his vehicle, to search for his estranged son.

Two sisters come to terms with their father’s disappearance with the help of a skeleton called Indira.

The stories in Ellipsis 2 explore the inherent dysfunctionality of almost all relationships, their aftermaths, and the lengths people go to to redeem them. From the ingrained resentments of Jane Rogers’ parent-child histories, to the twisted claustrophobia of Polly Clark’s couples, and the absence that travels beside each passenger in Zoe Lambert’s bus sequence – these stories demonstrate the transforming, often alienating affect a relationship can have on the individuals in it, and remind us that being next of kin isn’t always kind.

Ellipsis is a unique series presenting linked or themed sequences of short stories by three writers in each volume. All three are previously uncollected as short story authors, two of them in each issue are established (as novelists or poets), the third, in this case Zoe Lambert, is previously unpublished.

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Edited by: Ra Page