She’s Lost Controlin ‘We Were Strangers: Stories Inspired by Unknown Pleasures (Joy Division).’

A man receives a knock on the door from a neighbour with a curious obsession: he wants to buy all the garages on the street.

A solider, recently returned from a war, meets his son’s new stepfather and finds himself wanting to talk about the mysterious dreams which plague him.

A woman awakes in an unfamiliar room, a stranger covered in blood beside her. Why is she unable to remember how she got there? And why does her companion seem so familiar?

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Featuring new fiction from Jenn Ashworth, Anne Billson, David Gaffney, Jessie Greengrass, Zoe Lambert, Toby Litt, Sophie Mackintosh, Louise Marr, Nicholas Royle and Eley Williams, and taking in tales of isolation and anxiety, but also ecstasy and otherworldly adventure, We Were Strangers lights a path through the nocturnal territory mapped out in Joy Division’s Unknown Pleasures.

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