The War Tour is finally, finally out and in book form. Just in time for the launch at the Manchester Literature Festival event on 15th October. I read with Michelle Green, and I’m eagerly awaiting her forthcoming collection from Comma next year. I coughed through most of the event, or tried not to, with cough suppressant and vocal zone on the table. The disastrously timed cough magically disappeared for the nine minutes Michelle and I spent on Women’s Hour the previous day. An absolutely terrifying experience at the studios on Oxford Road – the guests’ waiting room was not unlike a dentists. It was the first time I’d had to say why I’d written a book about war. The big why, when I have not experienced a war personally (and why this question misses the point) will be discussed here very soon.

I’m going to chat tomorrow (Friday 4th November) to Heather Stott on BBC Radio Manchester. I almost wish I still had the cough. It’s good to have something to focus your nerves on. Link

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