Nearly There…and in the meantime some events

Three months since my last post? Please award me the laziest blogger award. I’m working on the last few stories and Comma Press are being very patient with me. More about the stories later, but in between frowning at my little netbook (how I write on it I don’t know) and stressing about the letters on my netbook’s screen, I’ve been involved in a few literary events and things. Tomorrow I’m reading at wordsoup in Preston. I unfortunately couldn’t read there last December, when it was run by Jenn Ashworth because I slipped on the ice (I fall over a lot) and twisted my ankle. So hopefully I will make it there tomorrow without any mishaps.

I read my story ‘Beautiful Results’, which will appear in The War Tour and in Comma’s new anthology Bio-Fiction at the Manchester Literature Festival alongside Stella Duffy. That was last month I think, so it’s a bit late to blog about it. Anyway, it was a great event at the Godlee Observatory. Unfortunately, there were too many people to fit into the observatory, so we had to reconvene in a seminar room down the corridor. Stella Duffy’s story was amazing, but I read out the part with all the equations in it. The following week Annie Clarkson and Emma Unsworth read their stories about Pavlov’s dogs and the periodic table. Both powerful and vivid depictions of these scientific moments in history.

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